Nov 18, 2016

EoA Group wins Most Thematic at Festival of the Trees

The Festival of the Trees  is a fundraising event organized by  Florida International University’s Interior Architecture Department. Each year during the holiday season, South Florida’s architecture and design community unites to demonstrate its support for education by designing and building their own unique holiday creations which are intended for auction. This has culminated in an evening gala that has helped raised thousands of dollars in funds to benefit FIU’s Interior Architecture Department and its students.

This year’s theme was “Tech-Tropolis 3.0: Manufacturing the Future”.  Our concept in support of this theme was to find the beauty in the moment when technology and nature meet.  Appreciating the clash itself which, ultimately, results in beautiful imperfection.  We feel we were able to effectively communicate that as we were honored with the Most Thematic award designation for our design.

Special thanks to our sponsors Tina Shaffran of MDC Wall CoveringAnastasia “Stacey” Davis of LeGrand & Keith Stibler of KM Associatesfor their support.